Rain go away, come again another day

Last weekend when I was cursing my luck because of the cancellation, I just started to go through my props for photo shoots and thought that I could take some photos of them… and then it got little out of hands… like my “I just take few quick photos” usually does ;)

Now I am here again, with high hopes for the weekend… Maybe I should just be quiet, so nothing I say out loud cannot ruin that… But I can tell you this, my hands are covered in glitter, I saw this nice headpiece DIY video on Youtube, and it was just something I have dreamed to do, and it fits like glove into my ideas for this shoot, but let`s see is my headpiece any good :D Like I have told you before, I am more good at planning and designing, making those is not really my specialty.

Now we have beautiful white snow on the ground… and weather forecast is saying that there could be snowing or raining on the weekend… but there is a few hour break… so… rain go away, and come again another day!





Some shots from Canada

Random selection from my trip… I have laughed so much while I have edited those travel pics… I really shoot some weird things :D We all see the world so differently and that is like the best part in photography!

First is the shot when we arrived to Lynn Canyon Park, and I was screaming on the inside, that light!!! I just had to quickly hop off the car and take my camera. It was my heaven on earth <3

Second shot is from the Stanley Park, which is the one place I spent hours by myself, just walking, taking photos, wondering around and just enjoyed life. People were jogging, some tourists like me and just enjoying that very beautiful and little bit cold day. Little fun fact, if you wanna know what is the best way to know who is really Canadian… they wear shorts!!! Even in winter!

Third shot is from different part of the Stanley Park, from the Lost Lagoon. Don`t you just love that raccoon face??? So so cute!!! My hubby now wants a raccoon for a pet… I am just waiting that goes away… I think I will stick into dogs even those creatures are so adorable.

Fourth shot is from the Greater Vancouver Zoo, which was pretty nice place to visit in winter time, because there were maybe 4 people and us. Although some of the animals were inside, and we did not saw bear… not in the zoo or anywhere else… I was quite disapointed :D They were somewhere hibernating I guess. This guy was clearly posing for me, so I was like, I can shoot with you :)

Fifth one is from Minnekhada Regional Park. Beautiful place, and something to do with Twilight movies??? I haven`t seen any of those (even I am huge movie enthusiast), but I was told that some of those movies has shot partly in Vancouver area. And that movie business is quite big in Vancouver! Fun and interesting fact, and now I can brag to my hubby every time we are watching films ;)

And like I said… the sixth shot proves my point… I shoot some weird stuff. My friends were at that store, and I was hanging around outside and hey, I can take a photo of those shirts :D But I also bought some weird stuff too, mostly I think people buy some souvenirs… and me… I bought some little props for my shoots :D you will see some of them soon, I promise. And yes, I bought lots of chocolate… Hershey`s chocolate, maybe there would be some Canadian chocolate too…but I just love it…and you cannot buy those Kisses and Hugs from Finland! Or Twizzelers!!!

Already number seven.. I just loved that store right opposite the Hotel Europe, (Gastown) you can see it`s reflection from the store window, and I will have photos of that too to show you little later. There were really nice older man, I would think he was the store owner… he was very impressed about my cameras and we chatted a bit ;) And as you can see there were some celebrities in front of the store ;)

The last of this very random selection is from the Buntzen Lake, which were extremely beautiful location, and very nice hiking area. Our hosts has 2 dogs and those were there with us, running around and enjoying life. And those little guys were really comforting me, because I missed a lot my own dear dog, this was the longest time I have been away from him ever…

That city would be awesome to organize portrait shoots! Amazing locations, nice weather… Only in winter time, there are not so many hours of daylight (just like here in Finland), but everything else rocks! And I have been regretting quite a lot that I did not find a model like from ModelMayhem before the trip… But maybe next time…

Hey and some random pics more coming soon, and I hope your week has started well <3


C’est la vie


Yeah, C`est la vie… Can I start this year again???

I was already in tears because I found out first thing in the morning that my tomorrow`s shoot is cancelled. But hey, maybe I can use this one more free weekend to relax, plan some more shoots, study something new about photography, hang with my guys, read your blogs, update my website… and if I am really good girl, I can take vacuum cleaner out in the closet for a spin ;)

“Don’t cry over the past,it’s gone…Don’t stress about the future,it hasn’t arrived….Live in the present and make it beautiful”

Have a great weekend guys, and in case you have forgotten, little reminder…  you are beautiful <3




Before it is all gone


First, I am so sorry that I haven`t posted lately. I was so sick for 2 weeks, I thought it never going to end. Few times I thought it was over and kept coming back, high fever and those nasty migraines… I cannot remember when I have slept so much! And when I was awake, and when my head did not hurt so much, I watched some movies and TV series from Netflix. So if I have missed some of your posts dear friends, I apologize!!!

But now I am back, hopefully that flu is now forever gone! I have edited some photos from my trip and few portrait shoots which I did before my vacation. And yesterday I captured this Winter Haze photo, and happy that I did, snow is now melting…it is raining now, can you imagine??? Last Friday morning we had -30C here, and now it is raining… not cool at all :D I will have portrait shoot on Saturday, and I was planned some indoor shots and some outdoor shots as well, but I am guessing that we won`t have any snow then… But I am not going to worry, then we just do indoors or some rainy shots too ;)

I was really feeling low too, because I felt like a total loser to cancel some shoots etc… Not creating… it does not suit for me! I have noticed more and more that creating is what I love…Now my head is so full of ideas!!! Only wish I will have clients, people etc enough to create with this year! But few “New year`s resolution” I made while lying in my bed and feeling like that I won`t ever gonna beat that sickness. I won`t worry so much anymore about my work -> What happens, happens, and what is not, is not. And I will try to be less sensitive->I cannot please everyone ever! Did you guys made any New Year`s resolutions???

I have really missed you guys!




The journey to peace of mind

Came back home Thursday evening, and I was going to post sooner but well yeah, I had a little flu for entire vacation and it got worse on the flights back home and fever got so high that I have been on the couch watching TV and taking pain killers.

Vancouver was everything I thought it would be and more. What a beautiful city! It almost felt like surreal… like I was in the movie set or something for the whole time. Our holiday was way too short!!! I am so weak because of the fever and I don`t know where to even start telling you about… But hey we had one small earthquake… and I slept and did not even woke up… our hosts woke up though and they thought that raccoons are moving garbage bins :D And in the morning it was all over the news…

This beautiful place was in the Lynn Canyon Park. I think this was like heaven. I just saw in my mind how great location it would be to do a creative portrait shoot, or wedding portraits!!! (although that was going on in my mind all the vacation… locations, photo shoots… inspiration!) But my peace of mind got little bit shaken because of the suspension bridge… my acrophobia … but I made it to the other side, so now I can be very proud :D

I will post more photos and tell you guys about my trip when I can get myself little better and strength to go through all the millions of photos. I hope you guys have been okay and New Year has started well.


Merry Christmas


Last post of the year… I would have so much to say to you guys, but most of all I want to thank you guys too. For being there, you mean to me more than you will ever know <3

I will most likely post some instagram pics during my vacation, so if you want to see how my travelling is going, you`re more than welcome to follow my journey moodphoto_teija or just to say hi <3 And other wise we will see next year <3


“Because of you…I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a little more” 


Thankful part 2


Yes, more beautiful moments from this year… these are just a few of them, I could make these collages so many. Humble and thankful <3 And really hoping that next year will bring me at least as many beautiful moments <3

Tomorrow I will have a one shoot if only weather will be nice and I will do a little post tomorrow for you guys and then I am off.  I have to start packing… okay, I have done already little packing, but still lots to do and I am getting nervous :D