U got the look

Yes little tribute to Prince with my title. I was in tears when I heard the news… We were at Adam Lambert`s concert with my spouse, and about half an hour before the show I checked news with my phone. His music has been part of life like always (MTV generation child), and music stays forever. But the concert yeah, it was great, I smiled, I danced, and I cried. Adam is so great singer, his voice can take you to clouds! And what an entertainer. I just love love love him! He is coming again in June to Finland with Queen and we are thinking about maybe we should go there too😉 Queen is my hubby`s favorite (or one of them), so it would be awesome to see. But the concert is sold out, maybe we can find the tickets somehow…

Emotional moments… and I have had those lately, but luckily, not all sad moments… I have laughed and enjoyed life too. Tried to left negatives a bit alone, and tried to embrace the positives. Good music, amazing people, good food, loving my job, and my dear dog has made me cry and laugh… during the concert on Thursday, he had made a hole in our wall… that little decorator😀 But how can you be mad to that cute face??? When he looks at you with all the love in his eyes…

I hope you had a great weekend and that your week has started well. It`s raining and snowing in turns here, but let`s have some purple rain in our lives❤





Cradled in love

“I kept the love you gave me alive, and now I carry it with me
I know it’s just a tear drop from mother earth, but in it I can hear a dolphin sing
Telling me I’ll never be alone, I know you’re right there” Poets of the Fall, song Cradled in love

It was a wonderful weekend and this week has started pretty well too, and lots of fun coming. Saturday I had a shoot which was awesome, Sunday visited Helsinki and now I think we found a perfect location for that lovely couple to do wedding portrait shoot. I cannot wait!

Thursday I will go with my hubby to see Adam Lambert concert, and it is in Helsinki of course, so nice to visit there again. And Sunday I will head to Hämeenlinna to shoot with Pinup girls. And bit editing and stuff. Amazing week… and now I worry because every time I am as happy as now, that what bad will happen next??? Friend of mine told me not to think that way, but I cannot help it. Almost every time my fears come true.

I hope your week has started well and if you dare, be happy with me… at least for now😉



Sometimes we fall

“The one who falls and gets up, is so much stronger than the one who never fell”

Bringing the throwback back…. yes and the song playing in my head is SexyBack😉 So, time for throwback Thursday post, and I wanna share this one from last years shoot with Pin-up girls. I am shooting with some of those girls next week. Happy dance❤

I wrote to lovely Robert after my last post, that how we are sometimes so desperate to get some signs from the universe, that we are good in what we do. I know I am… I cry like a little baby sometimes when it feels like nothing is working… not having enough clients, people are rude on the social media, people leaving my pages on social media… etc… I know, I know, … that is life. And none of those things really really matters… okay, having enough clients matters, if you want to have some food on your table. Economy sucks at the moment, and I am pretty sure that I am not the only photographer who deals with that issue. And everyone else too! There are things I can do and things I cannot change. Mostly I can try to change how I feel about those things. There are moments I can deal everything, I am like almost powerful. And that can last about half a day to day. Like really. But then comes the fall…






Miss Joy

New week and new tricks😉

I had some technical issues last week… my new phone did not want to work with me, Instagram and Facebook worked whenever they liked. So I did not post much last week because of those social media issues.

I studied few nights with Renee Robyn on CreativeLive. Can I say that I love love her??? She was such amazing instructor, she made me (just a little bit) believe that I can be whatever I want as a photographer. We can explore, we can find the things that suits us, what makes us happy… we do not have to all be the same or work with same methods. I was so so inspired! I really can relate to her and everything that has happened to her.

Saturday I finally got to do a one shoot which I have planned some time ago, but weather has not been our side. I will post some shots as soon as I can😉 This week I will be editing quite a bit and hopefully other fun shoot on Saturday and Sunday I will go to Helsinki and have a meeting with awesome couple, whose wedding I will be shooting next month. We are going to do some location scouting together and going through some details.

Yes, let`s have a wonderful week, and be whatever you want!

“Forget all the reasons why it won`t work, and believe the one reason why it will”






Back to October

Everything is fine… I have been busy this week with editing, and preparing some upcoming shoots. And some soul searching at the same time. It is sometimes so lonely road… being an artist, or just being a human. All kind of things go through your head, but not sure can you share your thoughts or will someone use those against you? But is it wise to keep your thoughts to yourself too much and end up hurting yourself?

I hope you are fine and Spring is smiling. Even I am still little bit on the melancholy side, I am fine too.

“You know I have a veil
All covered up, to myself
It’s always there
Now they wanna know…
How does it feel?
Gonna let it show
I’m happy to entertain and share with you
It’s hard to say how your own thoughts can hurt you

I’m gonna let them stare
They feel like me out there

So welcome to the show
Bring on all the lights
Let it shine on you
We’re together here tonight

Welcome to the show
Welcome to my life
Welcome to the show
Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

I know I have my flaws
I pay the price but I’m grateful
You’re letting me be myself
The good and the bad

I’m gonna let them stare
They feel like me out there” Adam Lambert feat Laleh, Welcome to the Show


Where do we go from here

I wish I could write this more beautiful way, like a heart breaking story, which it is in many ways…

You know already little bit about me. That I easily get down, and that I feel so much and hard, I feel the pain of everyone, I see beauty everywhere… and I try to always see the good in people. Which is probably why my heart gets broken over and over again. But I wanna tell you about my spouse… I do not often talk about him and what is our daily life. It`s not my place to tell about his life all over. But now I feel that I have to. I have been silent too long.

I told you guys a while ago, that my heart got broken over someone who hurt me. But that person mostly hurt my spouse.

Many of us do not know what is like your life actually changes in a blink of an eye. I have watched it closely. And yes, it has changed me too. But that someone said to my spouse, that he is so different, changed man, after his paralyzation. And it was not a said in a nice way… it was an accusation. Hmm… Wouldn`t you change if you wake up one day and you cannot walk anymore? that your body don`t feel anything from the waist down? I do not think that anyone is built that way, that something like that happens… it would not change you. This person has not even once asked how he or we are doing… like how we get through everything… not even once. I can tell you that is what changes you and hurts you the most. That your closest ones do not even bother to ask do you need some help, how are you doing… they just shuts you out of their minds and lives. I guess they can stay happier that way.

And actually my spouse has not changed a lot. He has been always that guy who has a really big heart, he has always been willing to help anyone. Really positive and sensitive guy, hard working and really good sense of humour. I think that his paralyzation has made him even more compassioned. And yes… it has changed him… that ultimate positive guy…he has had few times very dark moments, so dark that it has scared me, but we have had each other. And can you guess why those dark moments have occured? Just because some of his closest ones has been just like that… ignored him. They do not know that he planned to crush his car into the some rock, that he would not be a burden to anyone, that it would be easier to everyone that he had died then 3 years ago. They don`t know… because they haven`t ever asked.

Just something I had to get off my chest, and maybe now I can just try to put that behind us and focus for the happier things.



Somewhere over the another winter

Thursday is full of hope— is a saying here in Finland. I like that saying, although I would like that it was “Everyday is full of hope”. It has been a busy week and it`s Easter weekend coming, and still lots of work to do, but I will rest few days. Some quality time with family, maybe movies, and just being a couch potato, ER season 7 marathon ( yeah I love those good oldies) and some good food and chocolate of course. Last weekend went quite well by the way, I was at the night club with a good friend and we had fun. It was something I needed, a time with a another creative soul. But yes… I was almost the oldest one there! Crowd was very young, maybe because of the artist is kind of a teen idol. But I survived😉 I had minor panic attack because of the lights and too much people, but it was only a minor and it did not last long.

I had some really wonderful feedback from clients this week and that really made me happy. I have met really nice new people, and that made me smile too. And maybe I did find a new model for my own projects❤ That is really something, I am always too shy to ask anyone, so that made my heart smile. It is so wonderful feeling to have someone who inspires you, with a good heart and beautiful soul. Those kind of people are my kind of people. Often we care too much of those who really don`t care about you, at all.

Be with the ones who truly cares about you, be inspired, do what you love, be well. Have a nice Easter weekend❤ and here is one inspirational song for you guys ( I am a fan of hers and I am not afraid to tell you that😉 ) , music video gives me maybe too much inspiration and ideas, maybe little over my reach but girl can be hopeful, yes?