“When you’re happy, you enjoy the music. But when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.”

And like I promised, I am being now more active here😉 I hope you are having a good time, feeling well, and nice weekend ahead. I`ll be working, editing, planning, location scouting… doing the things I really really love. And I should clean my house… not loving that so much😉 And of course spend some quality time with my spouse and dog.

Actually me and spouse had our 13th anniversary yesterday, so long time ago we started to date… I am still waiting to get some flowers… I did gave him a hint that I would really really love some big bouquet of peonies…. let`s wait and see… I am pretty sure that I will have to get those myself😉

Enjoy the last weekend of May!





Just let it go


I was going to post last week many posts… but life happened. My emotions and moods was going up and down… many times a day. I was happy in the morning, and wrote a nice post…and then I was in tears in the afternoon, so I deleted all my posts that I was going to do. But I was able to still be positive and then I had a busy weekend, which gave me lots of more reasons to stay positive. It was so lovely and amazing, and emotional. It was in so many ways one of the highlights this year. And I was working, go figure😉 For the moment, I forgot all negatives… I was very emotional though… second time I started to cry during work. But it was okay. I was not the only one crying. I will tell you about that later.

My grandma`s condition was quite bad last week, she had talked so bizarre things to everyone and I was crying, that is this going to go that fast? Maybe it is… I came across to movie called Still Alice, 5 minutes and I was in more tears. But it was very good movie, and maybe taught me a bit about Alzheimer. I just visited grandma and she was pretty okay, tired a bit but okay and quite lucid. I feel better now, that I had the time to visit and talk with her.

I hope you are fine, and I promise to start to be more active here again, and now that I have developed a new problem for myself… finding the best title for my photographs… and also I am more and more scared to post any pics, but I will make myself to post here some. And if those all are called Untitled… come and kick me😉

“Let it bleed, let it hurt, let it heal… and let it go”



It`s good to be a princess

“Where there is kindness, there is goodness

and where there is goodness, there is magic”  Cinderella

This week I am going to start with positive mind, stay kind and good, maybe then I can just create magic, no matter what whomever might say otherwise. And I will not let myself to go to that road this week, where I have occasionally slipped… comparing myself to others. I am me. Not anyone else. My work is mine, mine only, and that is all I can offer to anyone. And my kindness.

Weekend was good, had lots of things done and happy clients! What else girl can ask? And this morning my father started to do a little renovation at our house, I will get new paint on my living room walls and finally we get our new TV and shelf in place. Hooray!

Did you have a good weekend? What`s your plan or motto for this week? If you have time, please tell me. And I wish all the best for this week for all of you❤



Should I stay or should I go?

It`s already Thursday… My week has been… a total mess. It started on Sunday, which was Mother`s Day. We were visiting my Grandma, and it hit me… she was not her usual herself. She was diagnosed couple of weeks ago with early Alzheimer and dementia. And I didn`t worry at first, even my Mum told me that she has been bit disoriented lately. But now she was very very disoriented, and somehow she was not there, even she was… My dear grandma, my rock, my everything… Of course she is almost 86 years old, but still. Her sister passed away last month and I think that really got to her, and made her condition worse. But, yes… I cried after we left her place, and I cried more when I got home. Tears just kept coming.

And Monday I had a terrible migraine, and Tuesday I got a really high fever… My body reacts to my stress. Yesterday I was feeling very bad too, but little less fever. Today I am feeling quite normal ( me normal??? never😉 ), and I am trying to just not to worry too much. And happy that I managed to do lots of work even I was sick, edited a lot and got photos for clients on time. I am quite pedantic with deadlines😉 If I promise something, I really try to keep those promises.

But hey, now I have to go and I will get some pampering… appointment with my masseuse! I am happy… or let say happier girl today. I hope you are all fine and happy❤



Not a bad hair day

Hi there, and sorry for not posting sooner… I have been having some technical issues with everything😀 Somebody has reported my fb page now 3 times, and I also got notification that someone might hacked my profile etc. I don`t really know how can someone report my page… that my pictures somehow violates anyone… But well, yes internet can be tricky and people can be cruel. And just now while I write this, got a call from Facebook that somebody is really trying to hack me and that they don`t have anything to do with those notifications, and I just have to report that page every time and they will try to get those hackers away from the Facebook. Very helpful guy on the phone, and he understood my bad English😀

Well now maybe I can breathe more easily. I have been busy girl with work, photo shoots and lots and lots of editing. That makes me happy, even I haven`t slept again for 3 nights and lots of other stuff going in my head and in my heart, but work keeps a bit sane.

And hey, notification from WordPress… My 3 years anniversary on WordPress today! WOW… how the time flies! Thank you for all of you being part of my life! I have had few times a thought in my head that I just quit this blog, that nobody wants to know me and my world, or my photos. But, you guys make me want to keep posting❤


U got the look

Yes little tribute to Prince with my title. I was in tears when I heard the news… We were at Adam Lambert`s concert with my spouse, and about half an hour before the show I checked news with my phone. His music has been part of life like always (MTV generation child), and music stays forever. But the concert yeah, it was great, I smiled, I danced, and I cried. Adam is so great singer, his voice can take you to clouds! And what an entertainer. I just love love love him! He is coming again in June to Finland with Queen and we are thinking about maybe we should go there too😉 Queen is my hubby`s favorite (or one of them), so it would be awesome to see. But the concert is sold out, maybe we can find the tickets somehow…

Emotional moments… and I have had those lately, but luckily, not all sad moments… I have laughed and enjoyed life too. Tried to left negatives a bit alone, and tried to embrace the positives. Good music, amazing people, good food, loving my job, and my dear dog has made me cry and laugh… during the concert on Thursday, he had made a hole in our wall… that little decorator😀 But how can you be mad to that cute face??? When he looks at you with all the love in his eyes…

I hope you had a great weekend and that your week has started well. It`s raining and snowing in turns here, but let`s have some purple rain in our lives❤





Cradled in love

“I kept the love you gave me alive, and now I carry it with me
I know it’s just a tear drop from mother earth, but in it I can hear a dolphin sing
Telling me I’ll never be alone, I know you’re right there” Poets of the Fall, song Cradled in love

It was a wonderful weekend and this week has started pretty well too, and lots of fun coming. Saturday I had a shoot which was awesome, Sunday visited Helsinki and now I think we found a perfect location for that lovely couple to do wedding portrait shoot. I cannot wait!

Thursday I will go with my hubby to see Adam Lambert concert, and it is in Helsinki of course, so nice to visit there again. And Sunday I will head to Hämeenlinna to shoot with Pinup girls. And bit editing and stuff. Amazing week… and now I worry because every time I am as happy as now, that what bad will happen next??? Friend of mine told me not to think that way, but I cannot help it. Almost every time my fears come true.

I hope your week has started well and if you dare, be happy with me… at least for now😉